BFS Scam Alert

Baptist Financial Services is aware of a Scam being used at present to target church, school and care agencies that are using the BFS GiveWay site to receive donations. BFS staff are already on the lookout for suspicious transactions which are routinely blocked, but in this case clients are being contacted directly by the scammer.

Stolen Credit Card details are being used to make a donation through GiveWay. The client is then contacted by the scammer looking for a refund of the donation due to some personal circumstance. Unless the transaction was already blocked by routine BFS procedures, eventually the legitimate owner of the credit card will trigger a claw back through their card provider which will automatically withdraw the funds – leaving the BFS client potentially having refunded the allegedly donated amount twice.

Requests for refunds of unexpected donations should be considered carefully before any action is taken. Never under any circumstances, should a refund go to a different location than the source from which the funds were initially received. If in any doubt at all, please contact the BFS Client Services Team on, or your State Relationship Manager on for assistance.