Discontinuation of Group Journey Insurance

Due to the cost and time involved in the management of Group Journey Insurance, Baptist Churches SA will no longer offer Group Journey Insurance from 01 July 2020, which means from 2020/21 onward.

There are a couple of reason why we came to this decision.
Firstly, I’ve been here for nearly sixteen years and there have been no claims made.
Secondly, it takes a lot of time and effort, negotiating with the insurance company, sending out the forms and making sure that we get all the forms back, and finally collating the forms so that I can send the numbers to the insurance company.

If any church wants to continue to offer Journey Insurance, they will have to pursue it separately. BCSA has been using AON Insurance for this service. The church is welcome to contact them directly or go through another broker to find a suitable alternative.

Please note that the Group Journey Insurance product is not aligned with Baptist Insurance Services. This change has no effect on the current insurance policies offered by BIS.

Kind regards,
Bridget Townsend

Photo by Ameer Martin on Unsplash