The End of AUSKey

Around every church, there is one lucky person who gets to use the AUSkey associated with the church’s ABN. For that person, it is hopefully no surprise that AUSkeys are going to be decommissioned by 27th March. The AUSkey process will be replaced by a multi-factor authentication process known as myGovID and Relationship Authorisation Manager. You will need to be ready to go with the new system next time you want to do anything with the Australian Tax Office (ATO) or the Australian Business Register (ABR).

Please note that your new myGovID should be set up with a separate church-based email address which is different from your personal myGov account and email. For example, if Chris is the Treasurer at Awesome Baptist Church, they should set up the account as chris@awesomebaptist…. or treasurer@awesomebaptist… .

The new system can be a little bit puzzling, but there is lots of information available about the migration process and getting set up with the Relationship Authorisation Manager.

If having read the articles you are not sure what it all means, please contact the Baptist Office. We have been working through the process ourselves and will help you where we can.